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General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Data Protection Act (DPA) 2018 have changed the world of Data Protection providing Data Subjects’ with increased rights.

GDPR emphasises transparency, security and accountability whilst providing greater responsibilities on entities that act in the role of Data Controllers and/or Data Processors.

  • Independent assessment of your Data Protection policies
  • Help create GDPR compliant documentation
  • Provide guidance on upcoming Data Protection regulatory changes
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Data Risk Solutions can support through:

Providing an independent assessment of your Data Protection policies and processes A GDPR Implementation Review.

Our review covers the following key areas: Privacy Notices, Data Processing Agreements with material vendors, Records of Processing documentation, Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA’s) and the use of online technology which may impact an individuals’ privacy rights. The report from our review will allow you to design a plan to support data protection compliance.

Ensure that company documentation and processes adhere to the principles of GDPR and specifically whether these allow the rights of data subjects’ to be met

Data Risk Solutions can support in the development of processes that meet regulatory requirements in relation to data subject rights including the right to be forgotten, rectification and access requests. Additionally; we can ensure that processes align to customer journeys to ensure a smooth and efficient end-to-end experience.


Develop and help implement a Target Operating Model that allows on-going compliance with key data protection processes such as Breach reporting.

Data Risk Solutions has experience in designing business operating handbooks built around stewardship models that have allowed for data protection obligations to be easily transitioned from project to business as usual teams.

Provide guidance on upcoming Data Protection regulatory changes, e.g. e-privacy Directive.

Data Risk Solutions are extensive experience in the review of Cookies policies, banners and supporting information. This is now a key area of focus from the regulator in the UK.

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