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We, at Data Risk Solutions, have the ability to use Machine Learning which is the application of powerful computing techniques to solve everyday business problems by carefully identifying and structuring appropriate business data and developing algorithms.

The algorithms iteratively run the rules, and 'learn' by making and evaluating mistakes; known as errors, and then next time, learn a bit more about them to refine and adjust the inputs into the algorithm. These iterations on the data are known as 'training sets'.

Over time the error caused by the inputs is reduced until an appropriate 'solution' or formula with known parameters in terms of the stated problem(s) has been achieved. The refined input parameters into the algorithm could be number of batch runs, or quantity of an ingredient, or order size or customer age.

The solution may be the optimum price to charge for a product in a particular segment, to a particular group, or it may be the optimum number of components to order to achieve savings whilst minimising inventory.

Data analytics and the use of Machine Learning techniques allow organisations to transform data into knowledge and actionable intelligence.

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Machine learning has evolved into mature, agile, scalable technologies that can be tailored to both large and particularly small-medium sized enterprises, to quickly add value in the following areas:

  • Cost and waste reduction.
  • Improve productive efficiency and optimal resource allocation.
  • Price discovery and sales revenue optimisation; customer segmentation, clustering, and price elasticity.

Our offering

With over 25 years of experience in the delivery of data analytics engagements; our team can offer you:

  • A no obligation, free proof of concept. Working with you to demonstrate the value that our solutions could have on your bottom line.
  • Both data and platform agnostic delivery and work closely in partnership with leading vendors and yourselves.
  • A tailored Machine Learning solution on-site (or remotely) using the very latest techniques for a fraction of the cost of the leading consultancies.
  • Business process improvements through the use of the Lean Six Sigma methodology

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Our team specialise in Data Quality, Data Analytics, Data Governance and Data Protection assignments.